Confidence, It'll Take You Places

December 3, 2019

In the past decade, self image and self esteem has been a hot topic. It is true that a higher self image brings a healthier life, but what role does confidence play?


Have you ever seen someone who just radiates a glowing energy that makes them see approachable? Throughout my life, I’ve had people like that catch my attention and I could never understand why. Usually, all they were doing was simply walking by. I then decided, I want that.


Over time I slowly came to realize the one quality all of those glowing people shared. Confidence. Whether the confidence was real or just a mask, it worked like a charm to make them seem like they really knew where they were going and doing. And so, I began practicing having confidence. Even if I didn’t always feel my best, I still tried to keep my head held high and really feel like I am doing exactly what I should be doing. And after a while, I started to truly feel like I had a genuine bounce in my step, propelling me along to my next move. 


Shortly after discovering I could keep my head held high and feel put together, I decided that I really did want to implement the idea of pushing myself to be more confident. 


I began to become curious if anyone would notice. And so, I began experimenting. I decided that every single day, I would greet my teachers when I walked into their rooms with a simple “good morning!” or “good afternoon!” with a wide grin. Then I began doing the same thing to my group mates in math. Before I started greeting my peers with confidence, we hardly talked and they wouldn’t even look up when I talked to them. However, after two days of greeting them, we began talking more. I would walk in and say good morning, and instantly I would get a response and a smile from all of them. I was ecstatic about this.


Having confidence in my decisions, image, and life in general has really changed me. Now, I am frequently told that I tend to almost glow when I do practically anything. What I learned from experimenting with confidence is, it changes how you feel about yourself and your surroundings. School no longer feels like a prison but more like a place where I am able to see so many incredible people. I’ve never been happier. 


My advice to anyone reading this is, keep your head held high. You are allowed to be happy with who you are and what actions you take, even if you have absolutely no clue what you are doing. Because honestly, most of us are truly winging it and just as clueless as you! 



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