The Benefits of Living Active...

May 18, 2017


While organized sports may not be for everyone, there are many other ways to continue leading an active healthy lifestyle. Staying active and in shape impacts your body in more ways than most would think. In addition to building muscle and maintaining a healthy physique, exercise and activity promotes a positive mood and mental health. For teens especially, exercise and activity functions as an outlet for stress and anxiety, builds friendships and social connections, and also improves focus and attention in the classroom. Sports and exercise in general serve as a great way to motivate teens and sharpen their focus while also increasing positivity.

If you struggle with finding time throughout your already busy day to get outdoors or to a gym don't stress! Short bursts of activity spread throughout the day is another good way to stay in motion and keep yourself engaged and focused for the whole day! Ideally, in order to maintain healthy lifestyle habits you should strive to have at least one hour of exercise per day (every day of the week). Whether that is through a sports practice, going running with friends, or hiking with your dog, daily activity promotes positivity, reduced stress, and more consistent sleep patterns. Below are various form of exercise and activity which have been shown to help improve mood, and mental health while also improving your physical health.


Activities which boost your mood:

  • Spin classes, or other high intensity group class

  • Running

    • Other forms of cardio also improve positivity

  • Kickboxing

  • Swimming

  • Team Sports or Activities

    • Exercising with others helps to improve your mood

Activities which relieve stress:

  • Yoga or pilates class

  • Bike riding

    • Especially in a scenic location!

  • Walking or jogging

    • Listening to upbeat or calm music while exercising also helps relieve stress

There are many forms of activity and exercise, and everyone will find their favorites! The best way to stick with exercise is to find activities which interest you and that you enjoying doing, and soon the “daunting task” of daily exercise will become sometime that you look forward to in your day, and become a little bit of you time. Where the stresses of the day are not at the front of your mind, and you can focus on pushing both your mind and body to maintain a happy healthy life!

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