Introverts: How to Flourish in an Extroverted World

May 18, 2017


Have you ever felt the whole world comes crashing down on your shoulder whenever you have to be social, or just be surrounded by numerous amounts of people in general? Afterwards you feel exhausted and drained by the outside world, and just feel like sitting on your couch eating loads of ice cream and watching Netflix marathons, never to show your face to society ever again. You, my friend, are an introvert. For me personally, when I’m around too many people having to socialize for long periods of time I begin to feel my energy just melt away and start to shut down. This can be a problem in the world we live in today. The society we live in today is very directed towards extroverts, socializing is expected to come to us naturally with ease. There is a huge difference between extroverts and introverts. While extroverts gain energy from socializing, it exhausts introverts over prolonged periods of time; we rejuvenate by spending time alone. Here are five tips to help you make it in an extroverted world!



1. Have Time To Yourself!


As an Introvert it’s important to replenish your energy by giving yourself some alone time. We benefit from giving time away from others to ourselves. Do what makes you happy! Take time to discover what you truly enjoy doing and the hobbies that bring out the best in you. Doing this will help you gain more self-discovery and will help you later down the road.


2. Do Activities That You’re Comfortable With


It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable doing something that doesn’t suit your personality. Do try new things, because you never know what’s out there, but pursue what you know you are capable of accomplishing. Chose a path you believe has your best interests in mind!



3. Go One-On-One To Establish Connections!


For Introverts it’s usually easier to communicate with people in smaller groups. To establish lasting connections with people try talking with them one-on-one. It’ll be easier and will show them that you want to get to know them on a more personal level. This way they’ll be more likely to remember you!



4. Believe in yourself!


This is one of the most important ideals to hold in life! Think of the best qualities you see in yourself and write them down. Never fail to realize how great you are as an individual! Individuality leads to centrality!



5. Learn Your Limits!


Take baby steps, don’t thrust tasks you aren’t comfortable with on yourself abruptly. If you wish to become more adapt to the extroverted world just take things slowly and over time you will succeed!

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