Feeling Comfortable In My Own Skin

May 17, 2017


All my life I moved from state to state every couple of years. I went from living on the east coast to the west coast. I even lived in the south for a little while. Before I moved to California, I had lived in Las Vegas for about six and a half years. The school I was going to had a multitude of different cultures. When it was time to leave I was pretty excited and ready to live in a different state and go to a new school. So we drove to California, and within a few days, I was enrolled at Olympus Jr. High School. But when I looked around, I saw no one who had the same color of skin as me. I felt odd, and I felt like I couldn’t be by myself. Growing up, I was taught to love the color of my skin, and the curliness of my hair, but at that moment, I hated everything about myself. And yes of course, there were a few people of color at that school, but it was only a handful and I just didn’t really click with them. I think that the weirdest part of the whole thing was coming from a school where the majority of people were African American, to going to a school where the majority of people were Caucasian. Even though that was almost four years ago, I still feel a slight discomfort when it comes to the color of my skin. But I’ve come a long way since then, and I have friends who support me and love me for who I am. So my advice to people who feel uncomfortable with the color of their skin, I just want to say that you are not alone. And if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s okay. Find a place where people will love you no matter what the color of your skin is.

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