The Fun and Hardships of High School

March 30, 2017

High school is one of the most interesting times in our lives. It is around here we begin to understand ourselves better, what we want to do in life, what our personality is, and spend time with our friends. However it is not all easy, there have been years that were harder than others, we gain friends, but we may lose some as well, and at times the stress of school and life can feel overwhelming. Each year adds a new challenge to us and I wish to speak about some of them.


Freshman year for me was the most difficult, mostly from the switch from a smaller middle school to a large high school. I was newer to Granite Bay, so I had not known many people, but it seemed as if everybody here knew each other which caused me to feel like an outcast. I eventually made many new friends and still have them today, but the hard part was meeting people. Sophomore year was so far my favorite year, since I seemed settled in the school now, classes were a challenge I enjoyed, and I was comfortable on campus. I knew many people though who had a hard time due to classes being too hard (AP Euro), and who didn’t feel as settled into the school and with the other students.


Junior year has proven very hard, but not at all bad. It is now that I feel it’s time to start taking more responsibility for what I do, SATs and ACTs don’t help take any stress off, and I’m nervous about my future, though it has its moments of happiness don’t worry. Many of us start to focus on grades, but it feels as if I drift away from friends and family, which can be very difficult especially for those who have always been close to them. Senior year is what I am looking forward to but I am nervous about leaving school behind after all the time that I’ve spent here. I hope that this helps anyone who feels they have or are going through the same experiences.

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