Faith in the Modern Age

March 30, 2017


Faith and Religion are fundamental aspects to human beings from beginning of time. Humans had a desire to explain the unexplainable and created God’s to satisfy their pursuit in understanding the phenomenon of life. Egyptians had their hierarchy of Sun God’s, Greeks had their Pantheon of Majestic Deities, Jews had their God Yahweh, and Siddhartha Gautama became an enlightened teacher who helped lead people in reaching Nirvana. They would praise and worship their God’s, asking for blessings and humbling themselves in tribulations.


In the modern age, people no longer cherish faith or any other deities. People do not want to believe in what they don’t see, and thus they turn to science and evolution to explain life.  Many see that there is no longer a need to believe in a God. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “God is Dead.” But is he really?


A massive Pew survey was conducted, interviewing 35,000 people and found that out of those 35,000 people, 70.6% of them call themselves Christian. 5.9% of people identify themselves with non christian faith and about 22.8% describe themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular.”


If 70.6% of our nation still believes in the Christian God, is God really dead? Faith according to is “confidence or trust in a person or thing,” or belief that is not based on proof.” So here we have over half of our nation put their confidence in a God that they do not see, and trust him in their lives. And why? Take it from my personal experience.


I am a Christian, meaning I believe in Christ who is the son of God, I believe in God and I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe that Christ died on the cross so that I may be saved, because I am a sinner, meaning I have rebelled against God, and went against him and his commandments. So because I have made a commitment to God, having repented of my sins I am a child of God. I trust God with my life, and I live my life according to the Bible.


Since I have become a Christian, my life has completely been transformed. I have found so much happiness, so much peace and so much purpose in my life. I have found my life to be overflowing with love and abundant in joy. Life hasn’t always been easy though, I mean whose is, but Christians many times are targeted in a negative light especially in our modern day society.


Many people know Christians for things that we are against, and not for the things that we are for. In the Bible God commands us not to pursue certain aspects and sins in the world, yet these things are completely accepted and promoted in our society. Thus, many times Christians are put on the spot for being intolerant, when in reality, the accuser is being intolerant of our own beliefs.


Here’s an example, if the president or congress creates and passes a law, as citizens, we are obliged to obey that law or be punished. As Christians, God has created boundaries and laws that we are suppose to obey, or be punished if we don’t. We can not go against our God, we can not go against his commandments. This is our faith.So if we are commanded to not murder and yet we go against this command and murder we become lawbreakers and rebels against God and thus will be punished like a criminal in the future. But God is love, meaning that he is the definition of love. He has to be the just that means he has to Judge all those who have made a crime and has to punish them accordingly. But, because he loves us, he has sent his son to be that sacrifice so that we won’t be punished.


During the Great Depression, a man in New York was on trial for stealing bread in order that he may feed his family. The judge felt compassion and love for the man, but was forced to punish him for his crime. After he set the fine for 50$ the man became to weep, only to later notice the judge pull out his wallet and give the man 50$ to pay for his fine.


God is no different, he has to judge, but because he loves us, he sent his son to die on the cross so that whoever will believe in him will not perish but have eternal life.


I love being a Christian, a lot of people think it’s “boring” or “not cool,” but I have found it in my life to be different. I mean if 70.6% of people believe in God, wouldn’t you think that there is a reason why so many people believe?

All humans, question the supernatural. Despite the technological and scientific advances, they still look for a God, to explain the beauty of life that has been revealed through science to be so complex which could only be explained by the notion that there is somebody greater than we are who has created this all.  To me God is not dead, is he dead to you?

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