Life as an Only Child

May 12, 2016


Every time I tell someone that I'm an only child, I always get the response “Oh, you're so lucky”. However, I don't really feel the same way, not saying that being an only child is terrible and the worst thing possible, but it does have its negative aspects that many people don't really put into consideration.


Some of these misunderstandings is that although the house may not be full of chaos and fighting, a household of just you and your parents is often very quiet, sometimes silent. Also, all eyes are on you 24/7. Your parents are on you about everything and know where you are at all times. Yeah, we don't have siblings stealing our clothes or bothering us just at the wrong times, but we miss out on that love- hate relationship you and your sibling share and many of us long for that bond. Another thing is that in your parents mind, your friends automatically become their friends and they always are checking up not only on you but on your friends and get worried about them when they haven't seen them in a while even though you may see them all the time whether it's at school or not. Sometimes, your parents will try to act like your siblings so that you can get the sense of what it'd be like with siblings, when in reality it's just really strange and weird. Weekends? If you already don't have plans you better make them quick or else you get stuck running errands or just “spending time with the family” aka your parents. Not saying family time is bad or anything but I don't feel that you need dedicated time for it when every time you're home is family time because your parents want to hang out with you every second they get.


Even though people who are only children  will most likely tell you all the negative effects it has, there are at times some positive outcomes. One in particular is that no matter what, at every sporting event you've got both your parents there supporting you because they've got no other children they have to tend to. Also, many times they'll feel bad that you don't have siblings so they'll get you a pet in hopes that you can somehow fulfill that need of having someone, in this case something, there with you so you don't get lonely. Another thing is that you never have to worry if you're the “favorite child” because they've got no one else to favor over you.


I hope that whether you're an only child and can totally relate to this or not an only child but was curious and wanted to check it out, I hope you liked it and now gained a greater understanding of this topic.

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