5 Ways To De-Stress Before a Test

May 12, 2016


1) Listen to music. Music not only acts as an entertaining distraction, but it also plays an important role in improving physiological functions. Just simply listening to music enables one's heart rate and pulse to slow, allows for blood pressure to be lowered, and decreases the release of stress hormones.

2) Writing. Writing down how your day went-whether good or bad, is therapeutic in that it allows an individual to release all of the tension felt throughout the day. Creative writing is also beneficial as it allows the brain to divert attention away from the stressor, and focus on something more appealing and pleasurable.

3) getting a good night's sleep is also very important in managing stress. By getting enough sleep, you are allowing your body ample time for muscle repair and memory consolidation.

4) review your notes or study material several days prior to the actual day of the test. Contrary to popular belief, 'cramming' is never a good idea, and can actually increase stress.Breaking up your study time to (depending on the subject) 30 min- 1 hr per day in the days leading up to the test should be plenty enough time to prepare- while still allowing you to have time for other homework, work, and even some free time! The day before the test can then be used for REVIEWING instead of CRAMMING.

5) Take at least 30 minutes to do something that makes you happy. This one is fairly self explanatory, but if you participate in an activity that makes you happy, it can actually combat stress and the release of stress related hormones. So draw, paint, write, play a game, go outside- anything that you find enjoyment in!

Have fun de-stressing, and good luck on your test! :)

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