Managing stress and time

April 5, 2016


Coming from someone who stresses a lot, mainly about school, I’ve learned that stress isn’t exactly a bad thing- if you manage it correctly. Being stressed about something means that you care about it and it gives you incentive to complete tasks. Personally, whenever I get stressed about a test it motivates me to study harder. However, when I don’t get stressed over a test and try to not care, I don’t study as hard and do poorly. See how even just changing your views on stress can help you stress less about being stressed? Now ways to managing stress are simple: lists are your best friend. Download an app on your phone or buy a small pocket calendar to write down the tasks you need to complete for that day. This helps you stay organized and diminishes the mistake of forgetting you had to do something! Also, it is so liberating when you get to cross something off your list- it makes you feel more productive and actually boosts your self esteem. Another way to manage stress is to eat full well balanced meals, especially breakfast. They aren’t joking when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives you the energy you need to complete the days tasks and even struggles. Skipping meals makes you more stressed because you will lack energy and become tired. Eating a couple eggs, some toast, and a few sausages can make a worlds difference when you are preparing for a long day of hard work. And lastly, its always helpful to vent to people. Come on down to the peer resource center (room 812) and we are here to listen and help you!:)



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