Dear Parents,


The Peer Connections Center is a place for students by students. It is designed to provide the student body with resources to support them in a variety of ways. The center is run by skilled, well-trained peer counselors who have made a commitment to confidentiality and professionalism. Please check out our Services page to find out more about what this program has to offer the students at GB.


Research shows that teenagers are much more likely to discuss their problems and concerns with their peers before they are willing to speak with an adult. Many of our students are struggling with a range of topics and the goal of the PCC is to provide a place for students to get some support for what they are going through instead of going through it alone. However, students are only willing to share if they believe that what they share will be kept completely confidential. Therefore, please note that the information students share while working with a peer counselor is kept confidential with the exception of the mandated reporting topics of abuse, suicidality and intended harm to another party. Thank you for your understanding.


I've provided some research articles below to give you a better idea of the positive impact that a Peer Connections Center can have on the student body. However, if you would like to opt your student out of this program, please send an email to





Natalie Elkin, LMFT

Peer Resource Center Advisor

AP Psychology teacher

Social Science Department

CENTER HOURS: 11am-1pm

GB Peer Counselors are well-trained and standing by to improve the well being of the GB student body.


Granite Bay High School

Granite Bay, CA 95746


3rd Period & Both Lunches




Natalie Elkin, MA, LMFT

AP Psychology teacher

Social Science Department


916 786 8676 EXT. 5812